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  • Gran Canaria: An Amazing Place to Visit at the Heart of the Canary Islands

    Gran Canaria: An Amazing Place to Visit at the Heart of the Canary Islands

    Gran Canaria is one of the most populous islands within the string of islands lying just from the coast of Morocco known as the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria originally meant 'Great Island of Dogs' and it is actually the second most populous island in Spain after Tenerife.

    Originally populated by the Canarri tribe, the area was absorbed and conquered in 1483 through the King of Castile and he founded the capital city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    The area, itself, is geographically located west of Fuereventura and southeast of Tenerife and it has a round shape having a diameter that measures around 50 kilometres.

    The populace of Gran Canaria of 820,000 is divided into 21 municipalities that are inter-connected by highways that encircle the entire island and increase in to the regions of mountainous terrain. Afterwards within the late 20th century, the island built its first super highway which encircles the entire of Las Palmas and then extended to the north coast and then towards the airport. Since that time it has been further extended towards the south coast to take into account the increase in tourist traffic.

    airport gran canaria

    The island is with only one airport, which has flights back and forth from the mainland and all over world. There's also ports which serve the shipping community in Las Palmas, Agaaete, Port of los angeles Luz and Port of Las Nieves.

    Generally speaking, Gran Canaria has a selection of differing climates and landscapes and is often called a 'miniature continent' that is in part for this reason array of contrasting features. The south of the island is commonly in which the tourists flock to because it is sunnier and warmer, with the north from the island being much cooler. The east of the island is recognized for its long and flat beaches with the west coast known for its rocky landscapes.

    At the heart of the tourist region in the capital Las Palmas, lies Las Canteras Beach that is renown for its yearly attractions such as the famous carnival. But also it is known for being where Christopher Columbus first disembarked on the way to south america in 1492.

    It is by far the largest beach in the existing city and it is used largely by the folks of Las Palmas combined with tourists within the high season. It measures 3,100 metres and it is sheltered mainly from the Atlantic currents by a coral sandstone which acts as a natural barrier known locally as 'the bar' which you'll easily swim to in the shore.

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